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Revolutionizing Home Cleaning
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AI Robot Vacuum™

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Discover the future of cleaning with the AI Robot Vacuum™. Its advanced AI navigation effortlessly adapts to your home's layout, ensuring thorough cleaning in every corner.

Experience the unmatched power of 2100Pa suction, erasing dirt and debris. Breathe easy with double-layer filtration, capturing even the tiniest particles for fresher air.

Control is seamless through the mobile app or voice commands via Alexa and Google Assistant. With automatic return and intelligent charging, your cleaning worries disappear.

Automatic return to the charge, fast battery life

  1. Low on power? No worries. With the help of the Smart One-click C1 the vacuum returns to its charging station automatically, ensuring a swift recharge.
  2. Once its task is complete, it heads back for automatic charging, always ready for the next cleaning session.

Path planning, multiple cleaning modes,

Consistent Coverage: Utilize Bow-shaped mode for thorough cleaning without unnecessary backtracking.

Edge Precision: Opt for Edge mode to clean corners and edges, leaving no spot untouched.

Automated Ease: Select Automatic mode for hands-free cleaning while you relax.

Spotlight Clean: Use Focus mode for targeted cleaning in specific areas.

2500PA Large Suction

Switch between three suction levels for diverse cleaning needs. The Quiet mode tackles dust and hair efficiently. Standard mode handles paper scraps and small debris. Powerful mode takes on tougher messes like soybean stains.

Clean up the big particles and make your home cleaner

Experience enhanced cleaning with a robust absorbent fiber structure and inverted hook water material design. The fiber layer effortlessly captures dust, ensuring easy cleanup. Through rigorous testing, it has proven effective in removing shredded paper, hair, cigarette butts, seeds, and even biscuit crumbs. Its versatile absorbent fiber structure caters to both wet and dry mopping, giving you a cleaner floor.

Sweep and suction one

Achieve a cleaner floor through two effective cleaning methods. The sweeping action lifts dust and stubborn debris, thanks to the high-speed rotation of the side brush. Meanwhile, the powerful suction ensures dust and hair have nowhere to hide, leaving your surfaces impeccably clean.


Equipped with off-road wheels, our vacuum navigates ground irregularities with ease, ensuring fearlessly smooth cleaning. It effortlessly crosses 18° obstacles and handles bumps on the floor, guaranteeing seamless performance.

Intelligent anti-drop uses more at ease

Rest assured with our intelligent anti-drop feature. The down-view sensor provides an extra layer of protection, ensuring your robot navigates with enhanced safety.

Low noise design

Experience a noise-free environment with our low noise design during machine operation.

Product Parameters

Introducing the A6 New Sweeping Robot


Experience the future of cleaning with the Smart One-click C1 robot vacuum. This planning-type marvel combines intelligent navigation with mopping capabilities, all controlled through your mobile app. With 4 versatile cleaning modes and dual side brushes, it leaves no corner untouched. The super-large 26cm mop efficiently handles wet and dry cleaning, while its 2cm obstacle-climbing ability ensures thorough coverage. Operate quietly at 55 dB with a powerful 2500Pa suction. With a 350ml dust box, 2000mAh battery, and automatic recharge, the Smart One-click C1 offers an unparalleled cleaning experience for up to 150 square meters.

Product List

Color box x 1Robot sweeping x1Charger, cord x1Rechargeable base x1Dust box x1Mop x1Brush x2Pallet x1

A6 Model

1. Intelligent planning of sweeping robots 2. Smart app control 3. Automatically return to charging4. Climbing obstacles

APP Control/Voice controls

Intelligent linkageConvenient operationSupport Alexa, google speakers, only 2.4Ghz WIFI

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Discover the Future of Cleaning!

Introducing the AI Robot Vacuum™ a cutting-edge home cleaning solution that seamlessly merges advanced robotics with effortless operation. This smart vacuum, linked to your needs through integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, acts as your personal cleaning assistant.

Experience the future of cleanliness where innovation meets simplicity.

Masterful Cleaning, Effortlessly Controlled

Effortless control is at your fingertips with our vacuum's intuitive APP Control and Voice Command features. Seamlessly link your cleaning routine for maximum convenience, while Alexa and Google speakers ensure hands-free operation. With support for 2.4GHz WIFI, setup is a breeze. Never worry about battery life - the vacuum automatically returns to its charging station, ensuring a swift recharge.

Revolutionize Cleaning!

Equipped with an advanced AI navigation system, this cutting-edge vacuum ensures precise and efficient cleaning across any terrain. With a formidable 2100Pa strong suction power, it effortlessly lifts away dirt, debris, and even stubborn pet hair. The double-layer filter technology captures even the finest particles, leaving your home refreshed and allergen-free.



Jessica W.

This vacuum exceeded my expectations. The way it navigates around my space and tackles dirt is incredible. I've noticed a significant improvement in air quality since using it. A true gem for anyone seeking hassle-free cleaning.

Sarah Mi.

A Total Game-Changer! This vacuum has made my life so much easier. It's like having a dedicated cleaning assistant. The way it effortlessly moves and cleans is astonishing. I can't believe how much time it has saved me, and the results speak for themselves

The Opportunity to Revolutionize Your Cleaning

With its wireless design and extendable handle, the AI Robot Vacuum™ effortlessly accesses every challenging area, making cleaning hard-to-reach spots a breeze. From tight corners to elevated surfaces, its cleaning prowess leaves no space untouched. Don't wait another day to revolutionize your cleaning routine. Upgrade to the AI Robot Vacuum™ and unlock a realm of cleaning excellence that leaves your home sparkling and your energy renewed. Take action now and let the magic of the AI Robot Vacuum™ commence!


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Absolutely, the AI Robot Vacuum™ effectively handles pet hair and debris, ensuring a clean and comfortable environment for pet owners.

The AI Robot Vacuum™ features an automatic return function, ensuring it effortlessly returns to its charging station when needed.

Yes, the AI Robot Vacuum™ is designed for both wet and dry cleaning, offering versatile cleaning options for different scenarios.

The AI Robot Vacuum™ offers a working time of 60-90 minutes per charge, ensuring efficient coverage within a single cleaning session.

The AI Robot Vacuum™ is equipped with advanced obstacle detection and climbing capabilities, allowing it to navigate around obstacles and handle steps up to 2cm in height.

No, the AI Robot Vacuum™ operates with a low noise level, ensuring a quiet cleaning experience.

The AI Robot Vacuum™ can operate without the app, offering convenient flexibility in usage.

The AI Robot Vacuum™ is designed to navigate various floor types, including hardwood, tiles, carpets, and more, adapting its cleaning methods accordingly.

Yes, the AI Robot Vacuum™ comes with a mobile app compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

The AI Robot Vacuum™ offers a range of cleaning modes, including Bow-shaped, Edge, Automatic, and Focus modes, catering to diverse cleaning requirements.

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